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                                                                                             I.C.E. INSPIRE CHALLENEGE EVOLVE


Hi Everyone, Welcome back to ICE we would like to thankyou for your amazing support over the last few years we are now settled in Westvilles our new home. If your brand new to Ice we hope you enjoy your journey with us and if its not your 1st time welcome to the next chapter of our incredible Adventure

 Rob Fowler uses his 30 years experience and knowledge to help Inspire you to be creative and learn all about Choreography, starting at Bronze Level 1 basic through Silver level 2 which is a growth platform, Then onto Gold Professional Level 

The introduction of the brand new grading system will allow each participant to grow and achieve new goals. 

This system is fused with the instructor and technique courses, so that the you can attain a wide knowledge base, Evolving into a fully rounded line dance professional. 

The choreography courses are a place where anyone from any level and anywhere in the world can try out choreography. It can be for fun or something you've wanted to do as a profession. Fortunately we have Rob Fowler sharing 30 years of his amazing experiences with you all. When you join the I.C.E channel, you are welcomed by the most friendly team of dancers and staff. Rob teaches you through Bronze level 1. How to find that track, how to break the music right down, Helps find the accents in the music which we call "Pixie Dust". The dancer then goes off and starts putting together their first draft. Once completed they post their draft into the group. Rob will then watch, analyse and critique it live throughout his classes. The group are very helpful and supportive too! along side Rob the dance is changed and some alterations may be needed. Some dances take quite a few drafts to complete but that's part of the learning curve. Once you get to Silver level 2... Rob likes to see that the dancers are now able to pick the track and get working n breaking their music down and finding the "Pixie Dust" themselves. The team have already produced some fantastic dances and many more to come.


Welcome to the 


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Welcome to the 


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