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Funk n Soulo

There are Millions of people enjoying Motown & Soul and also have fun with Funky stuff, if this is you then why not give Funknsoulo a try, it teaches you the basic steps in each style, to get you ready for the open dance floor, Rob Fowler with over 35 years of dance Choreography Born n Bread in Wigan Lancashire the spiritual home called the Wigan Casino, Teaches you new moves and classic Grooves to enable you for an upgrade or learn a whole new style alot of fun, The Classes teach you easy clusters in one direction then wants you have them nailed your set free. 

Its A brand new concept as we no of there are no other classes anywhere in spain, so next time you go to a northern soul night or Motown you will only impress your fello dancers. 

Northern Soul

The Drunken Sailor
Weave n Grind



Snap N Clap
4 Corners
Waddle & Walk
Double n Drag



The Wobble 

EVERY MONDAY 6pm til 8pm 

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