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Welcome to Tuesdays
at WestVilles


We Have an Amazing day at WestVilles With Country and Linedance taught by Rob Fowler

We have 12  Petanca pistes available for  new or practicing players, €3 ahead, private parties can be arranged 

We Can Also Offer  New Dog Training Courses   

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits


Westvilles Country & Linedance (1).jpg

Join Rob & Laura Every Tuesday for Absolute Beginner Country and Linedance Classes, 

Starting at 10am with Absolute  beginner level dances, teaching in a relaxed and fun manor.

At about 11am the class will slowly merge with the Beginners class as they join in with the easier dances its a great way to integrate each level of classes.

at 11.30am Rob will hint to the beginners that we are moving up a level into the improvers! then already warmed up the improvers will again dance and enjoy new challenges to improve.  

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